Sean Maher Design


A b o u t  S e á n

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Seán has been practicing art since he was just a young kid. His creative passions have always been a driving force in everything he does. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in December 2012 from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Since graduating, he has been working freelance design and, until June 2017, was working for the small ad agency / creative-service team StickyDocs (formally Huemanitas) and its brainchild, Push®. While with StickyDocs, Seán worked with PepsiCo, Smirnoff, Diageo, Del Real Foods, Fox, Marcus Graham Project, Startup Genome, Capital One, Citi, and others.

You can find Seán around Denver spinning heavy metal and rock n roll records at a few of the local dive bars, headbanging at a show, checking out a new art show, or exploring old cemeteries.